For VIP shopper, Ibeacon is considered as a great facility. Can you imagine that you can now do your shopping in simple and fast way without spending a lot of time anymore? This device is actually a Bluetooth that has low amount of energy used in it. When you use Bluetooth that has low energy like this, you do not have to worry anymore that you can run out of battery after you have used it. Cubeacon can also give you similar benefits that you may like.

There are many people say their opinion that Cubeacon is actually the best device for both seller and buyer. If you want to buy product in specific store, you do not need to go to the store directly. You can just activate your Bluetooth technology in this device. Then, you will realize that the information that you need can be received fast. You will get fast respond when using this Cubeacon device. Yet, it does not cost you a lot of energy as mentioned above. Another fun thing that you can enjoy when using this facility is having easy ways to give birthday card to all shopper lists that you have.

Then, seller can also use Cubeacon at the same time to give information to customer about hot offering. It is obvious that the seller can easily become popular when they use the facility in Cubeacon. In addition, this device will also provide information about promotion, item list and many more. Actually, the use of Cubeacon is not only can be applied in buying and selling product, but also you can find that this device can be used for other unique things. There is new information in which people use this device in education institution, such as school, college and many more.

This Cubeacon device will be able to be used to give information whether the students are attending the class or not. Indeed, this is smart but useful application to be used. It is worth for you to use this device from now on and get a lot of uses that you can enjoy from it. Is it difficult to use Cubeacon? Of course it is easy to use this device; you just need to learn first about how to use this device right now. When you use this device regularly, you will get used to it and finally can use it fast.


tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.


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