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Cubeacon at Office in Synergy Smart Office by Telkom Indonesia

The hype of smart environment is not only getting into home. Smart office will be the thing again. Few years back, there have been implementation to create smart office. But people want more. They want more unique implementation and better experience.

One of the innovation is being implemented in Synergy Smart Office by Telkom. This office is located in Gatot Subroto, Jakarta. Owned by the biggest Telco Company in Indonesia, Synergy Smart Office has been a home for director and C level of this Telco Company. Running business in the office has to be accompanied with easy and quick access. Which is why smart office concept is brought in this place.

Graha Merah Putih new

The idea was initiated by Achmad Sugiarto, Senior Vice President of Telkom Indonesia. Achmad Sugiarto has been generating disruptive technology for years and enjoyed many innovation made by Indonesian Startups. Helping many startups include Cubeacon to reach high level in Indonesia, Achmad Sugiarto plans to build a smart office in Synergy Telkom Office with Cubeacon.

Pak Anto

The smart office concept in Synergy Smart Office is involving iBeacon technology. The beacon will be placed in the office to deliver information and mainly be used for attendance check in. With this service, employee can easily check in while entering the gate.

Here are 3 features that will be available in Graha Merah Putih:

1. Attendance Check In

The beacon will be placed in the building ant constantly transmitting signal. When the employee who already downloaded a certain apps is walking pass the beacon, their attendance will be checked in automatically. This will show the time they arrived at the office. Check in made easy!

The checked in also works to track the employee inside the building.synergy1

The Backend will show heatmap of the people’s crowd nearby beacon in the bulding. This will help employer tracks track their workers in the building.

SC-synergy new

2. Meeting Notification

Skipping Meeting is rude, So is cancelling in a sudden way. You must have has tons of works you should’ve done on that day, but you chose to get prepared and be all ready for a meeting that’s actually canceled. It is even worse because you didn’t know at all!

Cubeacon solves this with iBeacon technology. Employee can get notified about meeting, details, and room all at once. They can also check ¬†other meeting’s going on in the building.


3. Booking Meeting Room

Getting prepared for a meeting, you can book a meeting room through the apps. Checking which room is available for the meeting and notify other about the meeting.

Any employee who’s in a beacon range in the building are able to book the room. The check in process is also very easy. User only need to register with their email and all set.



The App is available in Android and can be downloaded by all of the employee for free. The app can maintain the workers and meeting in the building. There will be upgrade on the feature soon for the apps to make it more robust and build the smart office concept wider.

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