Shopping can be done in two ways. The first way is to come to the shop directly and the second way will need a set of modern technology. Some people don’t like the first way because they need to walk out and the process can be rather not fun. But some people love shopping directly to a shop and now, these people has a new way to enhance their experience in shopping. Cubeacon is already being introduced as the enhancement to the shopping experience. This modern technology will utilize Bluetooth to send advertisements, brochures and useful information to potential buyers around or inside of a shop. Cubeacon is a modern technology meant to benefit both buyers and sellers.

How Cubeacon Helps Seller?

Cubeacon is a device used by sellers to spread information about the products in the shop. Is there any ongoing sales or discounts? Is there anything new? A lot of things in the shop can be promoted through Cubeacon. The following features will help sellers:

  • Campaign and map management.
  • Analytics and apps integration.
  • Cloud server and the easy manage hundred iBeacon.
  • oAuth secure and brochures upload.
  • Simple SDK Code.

The device is meant to be useful and by using these features carefully, the device will certainly become on very helpful device. It will enhance the experience in shopping and promoting will become easier. There is no more a need to spread brochures directly. Simply upload brochures and potential buyers will pick it up when they are around the shop.

How Cubeacon Helps Buyers?

Cubeacon is a device that will send signals to the mobile devices with Bluetooth on. A mobile device (currently limited to Apple Inc. devices) will pick the signals and buyers can check out the signals to furthermore. Once the signals are picked up, buyers can view information for the more profitable shopping time.

  • Smart Location Shopping.
  • Mobile Payment with Cubeacon.
  • Smart Mobile Apps for shopping.
  • Mobile Apps for Geofencing and Geolocation.
  • Microlocation Shopping

Sometimes when shopping and seeing something they like, buyers need to call the salesmen of the shop to ask details about the product including prices. By using Cubeacon, buyers will be able to check on the details of products simply by hover their mobile device closer to the particular products. Buyers can also check on the great offers from different shops during shopping.


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