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Cool iBeacon Deployment for Event

Since it was released on 2013, iBeacon has been trusted by business to deliver campaign and offers. This means iBeacon is a major character in marketing. With iBeacon, push notification will be lead to the new level where engaging customers is easy to be done. Seeing all of iBeacon developments makes many of iBeacon developers think out of the box. The development of iBeacon whether it’s about the apps and its features have been a huge step on how technology should illuminate living.

Not just in the apps, iBeacon functionality has increased ever since its deployment in retail business has grown bigger. Here are some example of how iBeacon deployment in an event:

1. SXSW 2015

The reason why SXSW is using iBeacon

The SXSW 2015 has deployed iBeacon technology for their attendees. iBeacon for attendees is being applied and working with Eventbase – mobile even platform company – an event apps provider. By now, everyone in SXSW can interact with others through iBeacon. Other attendees can see wherever they are in the convention hall, attendees can see interesting people near them and attendees can even message each other with the app’s built-in messaging platform. They can also search for attendees based on interest.

2. Ballpark


MLBAM has updated its award-winning and newly renamed Ballpark app for iPhone and Android smartphones. This year’s Opening Day update includes customizable notifications, a new ticketing section and a redesigned app navigation. Entering its fourth season, Ballpark delivers fully intuitive integration of locally focused technology with a league-wide feature set, including team customization, exclusive video highlights, mobile food, beverage and official merchandise ordering, seat and experience upgrade capabilities; MyTickets Mobile for in-app ticket management, Apple Pay as a mobile payment option for single-game tickets, delivery and storage of every ticket sold and content integration with ballpark video screens.

3. Cleveland Cavaliers

cleveland cavaliers installed iBeacon

The Cleveland Cavaliers is sending out location-aware notifications to iPhone users at its games using iBeacon technology. The team will deliver the usual reminders, video content, and promos available to those at the game. The Major League Baseball was one of the first professional sports team to adopt the tech for beaming location sensitive notifications to the fans at games, while the Golden State Warriors became the first NBA team to take advantage last year followed by several others.

4. The Royals


The team’s technology kick starts before fans even get inside through the iBeacon app. A sensor will be at every gate and a user’s phone ends up being their ticket.The stadium will also feature a technology room where fans can charge phones and access social media with team-provided tablets, free of charge. All the changes make for appreciative Royals fans.


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