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Cooking From Your Smartphone is not Delusional Anymore

Meld, a Seattle-based startup’s, which is working in “Internet of Things” industry creates a knob that will let you hook your stove up to your smartphone. It has a motor that automatically adjusts the temperature on your stove based on specific recipes programmed into the Meld app. The knob is paired with a temperature clip Meld is also buildings through Bluetooth low energy radios. The two devices work together to get the temperature precise.

“They say baking is a science and cooking is an art, but the temperature part of cooking is very scientific,” said Meld CEO and cofounder Jon Jenkins. “What we tried to do part is take the part that’s science and what humans are bad at and let you do the part that’s art — the flavor.”

The Meld Knob + Clip is an automated range knob which attaches to your cooktop and wirelessly communicates with a precision temperature sensor that attaches to your cookware. Along with our iPhone and Android app, the Meld Knob + Clip monitors the temperature of what you’re cooking and makes automatic adjustments to your gas or electric range to ensure a perfect dish, every time. Think of it as upgrading the cookware and range you already own helping you cook perfect meals — just like a professional chef — without the cost or years of training.

The Meld knob is the key to control temperatures. It is a custom-designed replacement for one of your existing cooktop knobs. It automatically turns the burner up or down to keep the food at the perfect temperature. The Meld Knob knows how to adjust the heat based on temperature readings it receives from the Meld Clip. Leave the Meld Knob on the cooktop and use it like any other knob – even when not being used with the Meld Clip or app.

The Meld Clip attaches to the cookware you already own to measure the temperature of what you’re cooking. It wirelessly sends temperature readings from the cookware to the Meld Knob that then automatically adjusts the heat of the gas or electric burner.

The Meld app will be available for iOS and Android when the Meld Knob + Clip start shipping. It monitors and controls the Meld Knob + Clip. While the app contains hundreds of kitchen-perfected recipes that guide the cook from start to finish, you can also add your own family favorites so that you can easily make grandma’s Italian meatballs perfectly every time. Meld recipes are precise and therefore produce perfect results with no guesswork and little effort.

The app also lets you manually control the knob. The difference is that instead of setting the knob to “medium” or “high” you can set the knob to a specific temperature (e.g. 200°F) or to a specific way of cooking (e.g. simmering). So even when you are cooking without a recipe, you will achieve better results with the Meld Knob + Clip. And if you don’t want to use Meld at all, the knob turns just like your old knob.

“There’s lots to be done in the kitchen,” said Jenkins. “A lot of kitchen manufacturers are great at building appliances, but not good at software. We’re bringing a bit of software knowledge to the cooking domain. It’s a fertile area. A lot can be done with things like a microwave.”


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