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Claim it! with iBeacon

“A product giveaway platform. More specifically Claim it! is a weekly sweepstakes of awesome free stuff people can claim from their smartphones.” That what Claim it! is.

An apps that will give you product giveaway! And giveaway means free stuff. Who doesn’t love free stuff anyway. People can claim every stuff they want with Claim it! (I am so happy this kind of apps is exist). Claim it! offers the chance to win amazing free products in a specific city or town. Users put in a claim on that week’s offers and wait for the Sunday drawing. Winners have one week to pick up their prizes.

“We’ve been using our app along with iBeacons to give away tons of free products in New York City,” says cofounder Kaza Razat. “It’s the foundation of our actual business model.”

Basically, Claim it! has this cute pink vans and they will drive around country to give people free stuff. Moreover, they have beacon technology deployed. The goal of the app is to drive in-store traffic, as well as provide further brand engagement after the users has left the store. Once a customer is in store, the user watches short brand videos before being able to redeem offers. The user can then redeem an offer. After they’ve participated in a “claim,” user can also put in a claim for that brand’s offer for following week. All users are then entered to win a grand prize which they’re alerted to on Sunday via SMS; they then have one week to pick up their prizes.

claim it!

Claim it! also enables brand partners to customize offers in order to meet the brand customer engagement goals. It’s no wonder Chipotle, Apple, Nixon, Zico, Kind Bar and J.Crew love this startup mobile company: it’s allowing them to easily capitalize on mobile, consumer behavior without having to heavily invest in building out their technological infrastructure.

Ad Agencies and their clients love platforms that increase their market and engagement easily obtainable. Claim It! may have found its own claim to fame by deploying iBeacon technology that enables these agencies and brands to develop mobile first engagement strategies.

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