Beacon technology is everywhere! This technology has been installed in many places such as store, cafe, restaurant, even train station. Beacon technology is a massive step of geolocating technology. With its Bluetooth Low Energy, Beacon will notify anything to your smartphone by bluetooth signal.

One of malls in Australia, Chatswood Chase Mall, is widen their geolocating system with Beacon technology. Giammarco, Chatswood Chase Sydney’s marketing manager, said investing in the geolocation technology was a response to ever-higher competition from retail complexes in surrounding areas, as well as the desire to better understand and improve how consumers interacted with retailers and brands across the mall.

“We know brands who are early adopters of new technology have considerably more engaged customers than brands who are not,” Giammarco told attendees. iBeacon also provided an ability to increase data acquisition around new and current customer behaviour, shine a light on visitor flow and help increase traffic to under-performing areas of the mall, and drive new types of engagement between customers and retailers in a contextual, real-time way, she said.

“Our main goal is to drive traffic and sales for our retailers. We want to use data to drive customers and retailers while connecting with customers in a way they want and that provides competitive advantage,” Giammarco said.

Chatswood Chase Mall’s first step is existing customers and based on delivering weekly offers from participating retailers with Beacon technology. On the first trial, it was limited to the iOS platform and there are 100 customers who applied.

Chatswood Chase is now finalising the second step of the project, which will see the offer extended to Android-based devices. Giammarco said it also plans to offer targeted messages from each of the individual Beacon devices tied to specific retailers in those areas of the mall, as well as at specific times of the day.

In a longer term, Beacon technology will be available in many places and ease the connectivity from one on another. Interested on installing Beacon technology to your business? choose Cubeacon as your Beacon device. Cubeacon is a small wireless device that can broadcast bluetooth signals to smart devices. It’s like airport radar. Smartphones that ‘catches’ these signals and estimate their location will deliver information and exchange data easily.

Looking to add iBeacon to your business strategy? Cubeacon offers a lot of benefits for you to improve your business and customer satisfaction.

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