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Tutorial using Cubeacon SaaS

iBeacon Teardown – Unboxing Cubeacon Developer Kit


Cubeacon Developer Kit contains of 3 beacon devices. It comes with the battery that last for 2 years. Each beacon has different major. Cubeacon is using nRF51822. It is IC Bluetooth Low Energy that is developed by Nordic. Cubeacon developer kit is using battery type CR2477 with 1000mA capacity. With this ...

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Cubeacon Storyline Version 2

Backend cubeacon

Although iBeacon is a great device that will turn everything around become Smart thing. This is undoubtedly gorgeous because Internet of Things is something to be developed. Since the era of connecting things to things in technology, Internet of Things is like a bucketlist for everyone to have. Apparently, iBeacon ...

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Creating Storyline for iBeacon in Backend as a Service


iBeacon, tiny device with Bluetooth Low Energy that transmits signal in its range. It is using Bluetooth signal to transfer and receive data. Smartphone that catches iBeacon’s signal will receive notification or information from iBeacon. It does not need smartphone’s signal but bluetooth only, so user does not have to ...

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