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The Cubeacon FAQ: It’s Time For You To Be Familiar With This!

ibeacon hardware device

iBeacon vs iBeacons? Let me differ between iBeacon and iBeacons for you. iBeacon is Apple advanced technology which has been built into its OS and devices. iBeacon works based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The function simply helps the businesses to advertise their presence to the close smartphone. By setting ...

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How Your Business can benefit from Usage of Cubeacon

ibeacon business benefit

Cubeacon is another newcomer in the world of iBeacon, it can be one useful resources for any business owner out there to interact more conveniently with their customer in real-time, and it can also be used to provide a more engaging shopping experience for them. There are a lot of ...

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The Advantageous Features of Cubeacon

ibeacon cubeacon device

If you are running a retailing business, your success is determined by how well you treat your customers. They will think that you are an attentive retailer if they are aware about their needs and try your best to provide them with help in finding the items they are looking ...

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Features from Cubeacon


The emergence from Ibeacon technology is one of the biggest innovations from Bluetooth technology. With this new technology, now every smartphone user can know more information, especially the location share based information. Cubeacon presented to the markets as the answer for everyone needs for this information, mainly for retailer consumers. ...

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