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Why Does Cafe Need iBeacon Technology?

ibaecon in cafe

Gaining customers loyalty is not just happening in retail business. I think every business should have the gaining-customer-loyalty strategy for growing up. Based on this situation lately (where retail business is getting all over the world) and the competition of gaining customers, restaurant also making the strategy of the same ...

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Big Change of iBeacon in iOS 8 for Travel Marketers


iBeacon is Apple’s huge step of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) proximity-aware transmitting devices, Beacons. iBeacon is small and cheap transmitters that can be used by retailers and other businesses to communicate with consumers on their smartphones while they’re present at locations such as airports and hotels or any other public location. ...

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iBeacon Management Tool for Beacon Devices

ibeacon for future shopping

iBeacon Management Tool for Beacon Devices is a way for developer to enable their iBeacon device to work properly as what they intend to. This Management Tool will empower the ability of iBeacon’s apps that developer has created. As Management Tool is to configure the kind of information you would ...

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Get Your Cubeacon Ebook for Free!


Many People have wondered what is Beacon? How does it work? or probably some of you never heard any of it. In this special moment, We would like to present to you Cubeacon Ebook. The only thing that can help you to understand simply about Cubeacon and Beacon technology in ...

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New Released of Cubeacon SaaS


Good News is coming for every Cubeacon developer! We are releasing the new released of Cubeacon SaaS. Our Cubeacon SaaS is upgraded into the New Released Cubeacon SaaS version 1.0. The benefits of this New Released version are: Multiple apps creation, it will allow you to create more than one ...

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