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Build IoT (Internet of Things) with iBeacon Technology

iOS has made a new chance by combining indoor mapping or digital mobile advertising in one technology, iBeacon. This technology is the only push notification through Bluetooth Low Energy which can directly be translated and received by smartphone. SMS, MMS, or another notifications seem to be ignored by smartphone user and not strong enough to grab user or customer. This technology is not only for iOS, but now ready for Android 4.3 and so on.

 IoT (Internet Of Things) is a technology issue that becomes trend of future technology. As StartUp or Developer, you have to prepare about this technology, and of course start to build a good vision for this business for IoT (Internet of Things). IoT or Internet of Things has $7.1 Trillion chance by 2020. (source: Internet of Things market to hit $7.1 trillion by 2020: IDC). Ignoring this chance means losing, because every single devices will be connected to Internet and becomes unlimited technology source.

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Then what has iBeacon do with IoT?

Talking about iBeacon for IoT (Internet of Things), there have been several implementations of IoT using iBeacon technology. You will not over the ideas of leveraging, observing, and implementing this technology.

iBeacon for Retail and Contextual Mobile Advertising


iBeacon is designed for retail needs. Customers will receive some contextual mobile advertising such as text, image (promo or coupon), video, URL, HTML when they walking in the range of Bluetooth signal of iBeacon device.

By deploying iBeacon in some retail stores, customers will get special promo from merchant. Moreover, developer can analyze customer behavior and give them different User Experience while shopping.this is also called O2O (Offline to Online) activity. It is a new experience in shopping, and it is IoT (Internet of Things) for retail or smart shopping.

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iBeacon for Payment

ibeacon payment apps

You must have at least 2 cards for your bank accounts in your wallet whether it is debit or credit. There are still some payment cards in your wallet such as (e-money, t-cash, UPoint, etc) in a wallet full of cards for payment.

This can be so boring and difficult, we need “One device for all Payment” Method. Connected with iBeacon we can create payment method in easier way. By using smartphone with mobile payment app downloaded and integrated with iBeacon device in every store.

We only need to integrate smartphone with iBeacon’s store and pay digitally. We only need one single device to do payment process and the store owner only needs one single device for their customer.

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There are still whole lot iBeacon implementations that you can do and explore for your business opportunity.

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How to Get iBeacon?


Seeing market chance above, of course you need some solutions to buy this device. Cubeacon as iBeacon device vendor has released Cubeacon to the market so developers can get it easily:

  1. Indonesia : Get Cubeacon at Lazada. By normal price IDR 940.000 and if you are lucky, get 12% OFF for 3 pcs iBeacon device. Buy iBeacon at Lazada
  2. Global and B2B: For wholesale and B2B, you can get it at Alibaba. We are now certified Gold Membership at Alibaba for iBeacon devices. You can get USD $ 45,00 – 90,00. Alibaba Global Commerce
  3. Japan : You can get Cubeacon  in Amazon Japan with approximate price JPY 9,800. You can buy Cubeacon in here
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  1. Wow! It will be interesting to see how these things take off this year! While these beacons have been out for a few years, it seems few have executed with success. This could be the year that changes digital marketing and advertising as we know it.

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