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Build a Smart Office With iBeacon Technology

Working in an office and have to deal with some technologies are some simple example of how technology is needed for work. It simply helps the employee in doing their work faster and better. For example is computer. Every year, Computers in office are having renewable. It will be upgraded into some new brand computers with better performance so that the employer will not having any difficulties in doing their work.

Office becomes modernization with the technology whether it’s about computers or some data collecting process. Imagining some office that is leading with technology, smart office. A smart office can recognize the employee as soon as he walks into a particular room and then authorizes him to enter, and then customize its light and climate settings to his particular preferences. This is not some far off futuristic scenario but is actually being implemented by the companies who are interested in increasing office efficiency. It will also help the analytic of the office on their employer. They can see which employer who just left their room and what time did they come back. This concept is simply can be done by using iBeacon device. Some offices and companies has been leading in technological way aafter installed iBeacon.

Creating Smart Office is not that expensive as you thought. Apparently, iBeacon is tiny device with cheap price. Yet the advantages affects a lot for people who are using it. To implement this solution in an office, users have to install the mobile app on their iOS or Android phones and place Beacons in the rooms meant for common use. The beacons can be bought off-the-shelf and are manufactured by many companies.

You may think your office has the best technology. But wait until you install iBeacon technology. Room booking, schedule management and locating coworkers becomes possible with just a smartphone. A user can also see which team or employee is using a particular room on his smartphone. Thermostats and lights can also be controlled through the iBeacon solution. It is like controlling your whole office just by through a smartphone.

It is not like some spying activities in your office although iBeacon can help you to do microlocating. Employee privacy is a very important and sensitive matter for both employees and their employers. There is a possibility that some employers may be tempted to play Big Brother with their employees using iBeacons.

iBeacon technology has been one of fast-growing technology since its released in 2013. This technology has been implemented in many big companies in the world. It is proven to be helping the companies growing and being one of technological leading with iBeacon. Cubeacon is a one stop solution. Beside We provide iBeacon devices, we also provide BaaS.So what are you waiting for? Visit www.cubeacon.com to get the right Beacon you want. With low cost and high quality we give you the best service!

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