Bluetooth brings the easiness in sharing data without using any cable data connected from your mobile device to another device. Now, Apple brings the convenience of using Bluetooth into the next level with its iBeacon technology. Now, Cubeacon has accommodated the needs of not only iPhone users, but also smartphone users. The small beacons connect merchant with smartphone automatically. Without connecting any cable data or other devices, smartphone users can instantly get connected to hundreds or merchants to get their latest news and offers. Using the technology of iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy, everything is made possible.

The system in this iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy lies on Bluetooth 4.0 chip that’s installed on the beacon. Merchant stores and public places only need to install the beacon to get connected to customers. On the other side, customers can automatically get connected to these beacons and received latest news and offers from shops. It’s like going into a shop and get complete information on the offers and special discount that it gives at once. Customer can make a purchase and have it delivered to their address. It’s not only shops that can use these beacons. It can also be used in museums and even airport.

iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy transmit signal that reaches the distance area of 10 meters in range. If shops give information on latest offers and discount, museums can provide detailed information on the closest display while iBeacon in airport allows passenger to send mobile boarding pass from their smartphone. iBeacon works through Bluetooth Low Energy that keeps beaming signals to iBeacon apps. Smartphones only receives the signals and connect it to iBeacon apps installed in it. However, smartphone user is required to install iBeacon apps and other merchants apps to receive the signal along with the information.

Apple might be the one who invented this Bluetooth Low Energy technology, but it’s not the one who makes the beacon. Cubeacon is the technology developed by Eyro Digital Teknology Ltd. that’s used to broadcast the signal. It comes as small boxes that keep transmitting signal to get connected to customers and broadcasting news and offers from stores and merchants. Cubeacon gets stylish design and merchant will be given unique code to activate their Cubeacon. It allows merchant to monitor and manage visitor traffic performance. Installing Cubeacon allows customers to catch the signal and help merchants to communicate in a better way with their customers.

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