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Big Deals Local Team Up with News UK to Deliver Campaign with iBeacon

News UK, a newspaper publisher has stepped up in delivering their campaign with iBeacon technology. Team up with Big Deals Local or BigDL, an app that sends real-time deal alerts and promotions to shoppers’ phones. BigDL recently has rolled out up to 2000 independent retail stores will ease News UK access to strengthen their relationship with these retailers.

The partnership will also include big brands to team up with BigDL and News UK. Big brands will be able to deliver offer and coupons of their products which can be redeemed in participating stores via the bigDL app. BigDL also includes range of digital communication tools to ease brand and retailers engage their relationship with customers via mobile devices.


BigDL provides mobile apps that’s integrated with iBeacon technology and mobile coupon. The apps provides consumers with the best deals and discount on the street and even online store. With 70.000 retail stores, BigDL Apps brings together all the deals and discount that way customers can redeem their deals in the participating stores.

The coupons will be funded by major brands who have also joined forces with bigDL and News UK. Retailers involved in the scheme will also be able to add their own store offers to the bigDL ‘deal stream’.

Head of Retail Trade Marketing at News UK, Greg Deacon: said, “The next phase of our MyPerfectShop program in conjunction with  bigDL will enable us to better engage with retailers, helping them to drive further footfall, loyalty and spend from the tech savy shopper.”

Matt Norbury, CEO of bigDL and epoints, said: “Through our partnership with News UK, we are looking forward to bringing our digital marketing tools to independent retailers throughout the UK. bigDL will enable retailers to communicate their offers to today’s technically savvy and value hungry customer.”

The bigDL app has an average rating of 4*s on the Apple App store and Google Play, with the average user using the app seven times per month, viewing 26 screens for 12 minutes 48 seconds. Daily engagement with the app is bolstered with the in-app game The Big Deal Wheel, which ensures users win a prize every day, including cash, epoints and prize draw entries.

source: retailtimes uk

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