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Between iBeacon and NFC.

The rise of Bluetooth as a location-aware technology is somewhat surprising since most people see GPS as the location leader and NFC as its their apparent in the up-close, “I’m here, how can you help me” space. However, the limitations of each technology have left the door wide open for Bluetooth LE.

GPS is accurate to within a few feet, but it does not work indoors. So while your phone can know that you’re standing right outside your local Best Buy, it loses track of you as soon as you go inside. NFC works well when two devices are very close to each other, but is useless for larger areas. There’s also the fact that iPhones lack an NFC chip. With the emergence of iBeacon, it’s unlikely they’ll ever get one.

NFC was supposed to be the way we made transactions. Numerous Android and Windows Phones have built-in NFC in anticipation of just such a day. Yet consumers have not warmed to the idea of maintaining all their credit cards inside their phone or inside one consolidated digital credit card and, while it’s not uncommon to see someone use their phone as a boarding pass, few consumers are waving their phones over payment machines.

Longtime Apple watcher and industry analyst Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, thinks BLE is a “real threat to NFC.” He told me that BLE and NFC share a number of core features and, “if Apple uses iBeacon for transactions it could have a domino affect on others who could follow their lead.”

With iBeacon and Bluetooth LE, Apple may have created a far more palatable and more passive way of paying digitally, especially since it relies on a payment method iOS customers already know. And because Apple has been supporting Bluetooth LE in its devices since iPhone 4S and iOS 7 has, according Apple’s App Store analytics, an 80% adoption rate, iBeacon could have almost instant ubiquity, at least for Apple customers.

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