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Best Wearable Devices that Integrate with iBeacon

Even though iBeacon deployment is mostly seen in retail business or smart environment, wearable device is also integrating their apps with iBeacon device. The device will have an apps installed and automatically connected with iBeacon to notify the user. Here are some best wearable devices that integrate with iBeacon:

1. WoolWorths’ Shopping List


With Apple Watch, you can create your shopping list before you shop at WoolWorths. From your wrist, you can see all the lists that you’ve created for the different items that you need, and as you tap into the shopping list, you can see all of the items that you want to purchase. They’re ordered in aisle order for that particular store that you want to shop in.

2. CC2540T


To make designing for a wide temperature range easier, TI has introduced the CC2540T, a cost effective Bluetooth Smart microcontroller (MCU). This Bluetooth Smart MCU is made specifically for environments between -40ºC to 125ºC. Additionally, the CC2540 allows engineers to more easily add functionality for remote monitoring and remote Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). The CC2540T combines an RF transceiver with an enhanced 8051 MCU, programmable flash memory and a slew of supporting features and resources to get products to market faster.

3. Nivea’s Sun Strip


Nivea Sun Kids recently gave parents a way to help prevent kids from running off by themselves at the beach via a protector strip with a built-in locator and mobile application for tracking anyone wearing the strip. Parents were able to remove the strip, which was embedded with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, put it on a child’s wrist and then download the Nivea Protégé app to identify the bracelet and set the maximum distance the child can go (maximum 30 meters). If the limit was exceeded, the app notified parents and the radar indicated if they were approaching or moving away from the signal.

4. MFi Sunglasses


A beacon-enabled sunglasses that will notify you when you left them behind. The glasses will notify you if they’re lost through an app. a company called Tzukuri created the new eye glasses that use an embedded iBeacon to track lost glasses with accuracy to the nearest foot. They also use solar power, so charging is never an issue, and the company has big plans for using the product as a standalone iBeacon when on store shelves.


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