There is a case that specific signal can’t used effectively indoor. In fact, if you can use indoor signal technology, you can even support your business. It seems that installing GPS is also impossible to do indoor. Instead, you need to think about something small which can transfer signal effectively. The good news is that you can do it by a technology known as ibeacon device.

Special Things about iBeacon

ibecon devices are considered as small hardware. Because of the size, you can even attach it around the wall or any kind of flat surface. Besides the tiny size, you can also buy ibeacon in low price. Just imagine how much money you have to spend if you take sophisticated technology. Thanks to the bluetooth low energy which helps this device with battery friendly. Because it uses low energy so you can use the beacon longer. Moreover, this technology is also using microlocation system so it delivers the signal well directly to smartphone or tablet. In short, ibeacon is a revolutionary indoor mobile communication device.

How iBeacon Works to Support Business

So, is ibeacon android really works to support your business? Definitely, it really works to support your business. For example, by using thisibeacon Bluetooth, you can share important or update information about your product to your customers directly. Moreover, you can also make a flash deal or sales by using this tiny product. Of course, you will attract the android users to come to your store. This is concerning to the fact that ibeacon iphone app gives them new shopping experience. It seems that this technology is trying to combine between offline and online shopping. People with smartphone are visiting a store offline and then they get the information via mobile or online. It is also can be said that this technology is contactless shopping system. In the process, your customers have to turn on their Bluetooth and ibeacon ble works to deliver signal in the form of message to their smartphone. Although it is considered as a new technology but in fact 200 million iOS devices have already compatible with ibeacon android technology. In the future it hopes that this type of technology is not only used for retails but also for public service business. Those are including airport and ground transit. By using this device, people can easily receive notification about departure, delay and gate. Just check the complete information through and grab it faster to develop your business.


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