Some industries have been felt the benefits of using iBeacon. One of them is sport industry such as baseball industry. MLB is using small chip ibeacon to support baseball fans. This technology is used a long with an app known as At the Ballpark. The explanation about this feature and its function can be read below.

The Application of iBeacon for Baseball

Apple has been working with major league baseball to develop geofencing by using geolocation technology. Now, baseball fans can use ibeacon technology version 3.0 to support their hobby to watch baseball match live. Specifically, by using this Bluetooth low energy, people can get specific information related to baseball. The information is including mobile check in, baseball social media information, special offers, rewards, and even up to date baseball news. Interestingly, you can also order some foods and merchandise mobile by using this bluetooth smart technology.

2014 iBeacon Features for Baseball

Before using ibeacon, it is better to know about the update features in 2014. First, you can use this technology to check in mobile. This is including getting the latest information about special offers and rewards by the time you enter the ballpark. Second, ibeacon is supported by microlocation and it helps you to get the right direction as well as parking information. Automatically, you will also receive the information about team schedule and baseball social media clubhouse. Third, this technology is also designed along with ibeacon mapping. This mapping feature helps you to get interactive concourse map and directory. This is including fast information about foods and drinks. Fourth, this technology is also using for music information. By the time you get closer to the ballpark which is supported by ibeacon, you can automatically receive the music info as well as purchase it via your beloved iPhone. Fifth, definitely you can see the video from your favorite baseball team. In short, this is the time for you to buy ibeacon technology to support your business.


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