A pilot project which is launched by The Chicago Transit Authority reveals the benefits of using beacon technology for transit authorities, consumers, brands, also offers within range of store for travelers who passed by the store.

Network of Gimbal Bluetooth Smart beacons will be installed at Chicago rail stations under the CTA’s partnership with Titans, advertising agency. It will determine how beacons can aid CTA-rider communication, brand-consumer engagement, technological enhancement and other consumer benefits.

“Beacons can help the CTA better communicate with its riders,” said Dave Etherington, chief strategy officer for New York-based Titan, a specialist in transit-based traditional and digital out-of-home advertising which manages Chicago bus and rail media assets.

“For example, they could help notify riders about train delays, construction on platforms, emergencies, etcetera, in a far more targeted way, based on their location rather than speaking to everyone on the system in the same way.

“We don’t have an exact start date for the pilot announced yesterday but will make that information available when it has been determined,” he added.

Beacons in mass transit.

How beacon technology can be used in transit stations to help the CTA better communicate with its riders?

This project will enhance CTA mobile technologies. For example is like  Train Tracker tool, which lets travelers see estimated arrivals at their stop or see CTA trains on a map, and Bus Tracker, which uses GPS devices to keep travelers up to date on estimated bus-arrival times.

“Potentially there are commercial use cases for beacon technology” Mr. Etherington said. “For example, a shop could push a money-off coupon to a CTA rider when they are close to a store.”

based on other news, in San Antonio was launched a free parking locator app to helps motorists find convenient parking using their smartphone’s location. It enables garage, parking lot and meter parking options to be identified along with the user’s current location, including price data.

 The app which can be downloaded from apple store or google’s play store was developed with New York-based Pango. Once in the app, users can select San Antonio as the city, where they will see a map showing open parking by street.

Beacons in benches.

If San Antonio launched free parking beacons, City of Los Angeles launched a pilot program using beacons in bus benches, potentially providing municipalities, museums and other parties the opportunity to spread information and content to individuals based on their proximity. The program will see a network of Gimbal Bluetooth beacons affixed to Martin Outdoor bus benches, to explore how the city can provide timely and personal information to residents and visitors based on their proximate location.

As Beacon technology is growing, the world may turn from stuffed into connected enviroment. imagine how we live surrounded by beacon technology and how it will be easier to find many things you want just by getting your bluetooth on and installed your iBeacon in your phone.


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