Discount up to $10-20 for Every Cubeacon Purchase

Cubeacon in box

Since digital era is coming on our way, it is important for every business to embrace digital era by installing great technology into their business. Good news about digital era is that everything will be easier. Your business will be know by world better, your product will be loved by ...

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Carrefour Romania is Officially Using iBeacon Technology


Apple’s iBeacon Technology starts to be something friendly for retailers. They been using iBeacon technology for customers engagement or draw customers in stores. The largest retailers in Europe, Carrefour, has announced to support this technology by installing iBeacon into 28 of their stores in Romania. Carrefour, the French retailer, is ...

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iBeacon App is Installed in Groninger Museum

iBeacon at Groningen Museum

Groninger Museum opens up its newest exhibition, “Song Dong, Life is Art, Art is Life” with a new mobile app. Using iBeacon technology, the app presents information on artworks and parts of the museum as the visitor walks around the Groningen facility. iBeacons are small devices that transmits Bluetooth signals. ...

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Cubeacon is Now Available in iOS!


Cubeacon is now available in iOS! iOS developers can celebrate now because we just launched Cubeacon in App Store. The features include: Locate Beacon to detect iBeacon devices around you. Transmit Beacon to turn your iPhone into iBeacon device. These features will help you to detect beacons and let your phone be beacon ...

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