9 Ways of iBeacon is Changing The World


So far, we have read stories of iBeacon implementation. iBeacon technology is potentially changing retail business and boosting their sales. Just like what happened in MC Donald when they use iBeacon and successfully boost their Mc Nugget sales. How iBeacon is supposed to change the world is divided into 9 ...

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3 Ways to Secure Internet of Things

Codeproof Secure Web Browser

Million devices connected to the Internet will cause many data transfer among devices. Security is a main problem when it comes to connected devices. Era of Internet of Things also changes the way we do business. Here are ways to secure your Internet of Things: 1. Update Network Access Policy ...

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Internet of Things and Its Impact on Manufacturing

Internet of Things and Its Impact on Manufacturing 2

Manufacturing is a place where intelligence meets technology. Amazing ideas come from various people and combine with high technology to make it becomes reality. Manufacturing process also a part where details required to strengthen the product result. Many manufacturing companies implement high quality technology to manage their asset and the production ...

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