A Bunch of Great Features of Cubeacon

ibeacon cubeacon offer

Getting updated of the technology and also the product of technology is such a fun idea for many people. That is especially for the people who are always interested in the development of technology nowadays. The gadget freaks are also often interested in those kinds of information. For sure, the ...

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Knowing Much about Cubeacon Features

ibeacon device

Nowadays technology has been developed really rapidly. All people can enjoy all the benefits from the technology which they use. For sure, the technology will be really useful for any ranges of the people. Any technologies are invented in order to fulfill the need of simplicity of anyone. That is ...

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Simple Payment In Using iBeacon


Time becomes the most valuable thing in this modern time. Most modern people in big cities don’t have enough time to spend on shopping as they get their days filled with work. It often becomes a big problem when they need to do some shopping with limited time. iBeacon seems ...

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Location Based Market Targeting with iBeacon

ibeacon smart shopping

Smart shopper always gets the best offers. With a little help from the latest technology it becomes much easier to get the latest shopping news and discount offers. iBeacon makes it possible for anyone to get the latest shopping info easily. Most people would spend hours going into stores and ...

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Bluetooth Low Energy Technology Inserted In Cubeacon

Smart Bluetooth Device in iBeacon

Bluetooth brings the easiness in sharing data without using any cable data connected from your mobile device to another device. Now, Apple brings the convenience of using Bluetooth into the next level with its iBeacon technology. Now, Cubeacon has accommodated the needs of not only iPhone users, but also smartphone ...

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