9 Powerful Features of Cubeacon


Most customers have been accustomed to both visiting stores in person and using their gadget to shop digitally. Both shopping behaviors can now be integrated by using Cubeacon, an iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy device that allows you and your customers to take advantages of digital shopping at your store. This ...

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The Advantageous Features of Cubeacon

ibeacon cubeacon device

If you are running a retailing business, your success is determined by how well you treat your customers. They will think that you are an attentive retailer if they are aware about their needs and try your best to provide them with help in finding the items they are looking ...

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Features from Cubeacon


The emergence from Ibeacon technology is one of the biggest innovations from Bluetooth technology. With this new technology, now every smartphone user can know more information, especially the location share based information. Cubeacon presented to the markets as the answer for everyone needs for this information, mainly for retailer consumers. ...

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Cubeacon: Why You Should Use This?


Cubeacon is one of beacon products out there in the market, produced by Eyro Digital Teknologi Ltd. The emergence of these products can be referred from one of the newest innovation from Apple Inc., which is Ibeacon. Ibeacon is a technology for smartphones that let the user knows about information ...

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Ibeacon: New Innovation from Apple Inc


As you know, many people love Apple’s products like IPhone, IPad, or IPod. This behavior comes from the fact that IOS, the operating system for Apple’s products, has a very good quality. No wonder, more than 30% of people from United States of America use Apple’s products, not including the ...

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New Technology for Smart Advertising


Although many people find the fun in shopping, but most people still find marketing strategy giving them inconveniences. Large banners with huge sign on discount may attract people to go into the stores, but it’s often full of false offers. Besides, stores often hire aggressive salespersons that can shove up ...

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