Cubeacon Winner on Indigo Apprentice Award Telkom 2015

cubeacon ddbaccelerator

Indigo Apprentice Awards is the first StartUps Accelerator Program in Indonesia to find young and talented startups in Indonesia. It was held by Telkom Indonesia to create new StartUps leader in Digital Business. Indigo Apprentice Awards TELKOM concerns in developing digital ecosystem in Indonesia. There have been many strategies, programs, ...

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Beacon Technology is Going Places

Beacon in train station

A pilot project which is launched by The Chicago Transit Authority reveals the benefits of using beacon technology for transit authorities, consumers, brands, also offers within range of store for travelers who passed by the store. Network of Gimbal Bluetooth Smart beacons will be installed at Chicago rail stations under ...

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Neat Features of Cubeacon: All You Need to Know

ibeacon cubeacon offer

Cubeacon is next in line of your high end Beacon technologies. It provides you with a lot of neat features that can help any business owner out there and other people in our layers of society to have smoother interaction between each other with the help of high-end, cutting edge ...

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How Your Business can benefit from Usage of Cubeacon

ibeacon business benefit

Cubeacon is another newcomer in the world of iBeacon, it can be one useful resources for any business owner out there to interact more conveniently with their customer in real-time, and it can also be used to provide a more engaging shopping experience for them. There are a lot of ...

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iBeacon Invasion: How iBeacon can change These 5 Fields!


During the mid-2013, a new technology is introduced by Apple. This technology, which goes by the name iBeacon is a new feature for iOS based tablets and phones, which allows those gadgets to interact with nearby devices with the same compatibility via the means of slightly improved Bluetooth Smart Technology. ...

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