The Overview of iBeacon and How to Buy It

buy cheap ibeacon

Do you know about mote technology? For your information, this technology is known as estimote beacon. It is a small wireless device and the function of this small wireless is to give you a specific signal. The signal will be broadcasted to your Smartphone. On the other hand, your smartphone ...

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The Application of iBeacon in Education Industry

ibeacon for education

One of latest feature which is launched by Apple is ibeacon. This feature has been applied for several industries. One of industries which apply this feature is educational industry. Specifically, it is applied in Brazil. The idea is very unique and it makes learning process faster than before. How iBeacon ...

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Ibeacon Feature along with Bluetooth Low Energy


Apple is introducing their new feature known as ibeacon. This feature is used for indoor proximity system along with low power and low cost transmitter. Apple is trying to use ibeacon to support bluetooth low energy or known as ble. There are several things you should know about this new ...

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Retail Analytics Feature in Ibeacon

ibeacon analytics featured

In ibeacon, you will find the feature of retail analytics and user analytics. This will inform the customer about the promo, bonus, and discount that they can get. In fact, the process of transmitting information from the ibeacon to your gadget can be done fast! With the uses of ibeacon, ...

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