iBeacon: Building Customer’s Loyalty

ibeacon customers loyalty

How do you define about customer’s loyalty? Remember that this is no longer the era when people shop conservatively. Although in some respects, it is still applied in shopping. But building a strong bond to the customers is not easy. Because as a businessman, you must be able to understand ...

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The Essential Features of iBeacon


Modern shopping is the contemporary lifestyle that can actually be realized by cubeacon. It is very important for the owners of stores or retails are very concerned with the satisfaction of the customers, and at the same time also have a concept of the future of the business. Cubeacon offers ...

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Send Brochures of All Attractive Offers with Cubeacon

ibeacon smart notification

Brochures are important promotion ways for all shops to attract buyers to come to their shop. We often find brochures on the street, bus station, railway station, and some other public places. Unfortunately, there are some people who don’t care with brochures near them. They don’t want to read because ...

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Effective Marketing Strategy for All Retail Shops

ibeacon feature

When you have business and you want to promote your products, you will use brochures, papers, follow exhibition and advertise product in some television stations or other things. Actually in this modern time, there are some promotional strategies that are not working well and you must update your way to ...

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Useful and Easy Mobile Payment App from Cubeacon

ibeacon mobile payment

Shopping is one of fun activities for all people in the world. Most people especially women like to go to some stores just to find big discount of products. We often get great sale price in the end of year or in some other special days. Mall strategy to attract ...

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