Cubeacon Mesosfer Smart Digital Life Architecture

samrt city and iot architecture

Cubeacon has been dedicating their product in Internet of Things (IoT) sector and has produced thousand sensors to support a better digital infrastructure while also welcoming Industry 4.0 era. Beside producing hardware and IoT devices, Cubeacon is also building better Internet of Things ecosystem and becoming technology integrator, handling mobile ...

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Cubeacon Backend is Shuting Down by February 2017

Founder of Cubeacon : Tiyo Avianto

For almost 2 years, Cubeacon has been managing backend service for iBeacon developers. Include providing free access to Backend as a Service to manage iBeacon devices for developers who has purchased Cubeacon. With Backend as a Service that we’ve built, we hope that it will help every developers to implement ...

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Tips about How to Stay Sorted in the Workplace

Edit Article Howto Deliver Your Dog Shipping a dog might be irritating for both dog and seller. Additionally, it may not be safe. The Society recommends against shipping a dog by airplane until it’s absolutely necessary. You can find, nonetheless, approaches to reduce the threat on your pet, while in ...

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