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Asda Trials Beacon Technology To Keep Their Shopper Engaged

Asda trials their Beacon Technology at a handful of stores in the UK to keep their customers engaged. As Beacon is using Bluetooth Low Energy, it requires bluetooth device to turned on and the customers installed certain apps.

They can trigger push notifications that, for example, could send information about discounted bin bags to shoppers walking past a beacon hidden in the household cleaning isle.

Asda has installed beacon technology at “a couple of dozen” stores and at its head office, partly to demonstrate how the technology works to senior figures and partly to learn how customers might use it.

One test concept allows Asda to demonstrate its competitive prices on products versus rivals.

“The numbers are very small – this is not a programme that will be large scale in the coming year,” head of partnership marketing, Nick Bamber. said, speaking at the Nimbus Ninety Ignite conference.

Bamber highlighted current barriers with beacon technology – namely that customers need to have the relevant software on their phones and have Bluetooth switched on. Asda has been trialling different types of beacon technology over the last year, including Apple’s iBeacons, ROI and ByteLight, which turns LED lights into beacons.

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