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Apps for Customer Engagement in Kwik Chek Food Stores

Same with its name, the customer engagement at Kwik Chek Food Stores has always been fast. But there’s always an improvement, especially now that tons of mobile ready and digitally connected, customers are craving ever faster and more convenient customer experiences.

Kwik Chek, however, is ready to meet the challenge. And through a new partnership with P97 Networks, the Texas-based gas and food retailer plans to bring a new level of customer engagement to 39 stores across the Southwest. P97 Networks will help Kwik Chek launch an innovative platform that promises a more personalized and connected customer experience that will solve a number of problems facing the industry.

After realizing that many of the existing technologies currently in operation were unreliable, burdensome, and simply outdated, Kwik Chek looked to P97 to design a mobile optimized system called PetroZone Mobile Commerce.

An app that is supported on all Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices, PetroZone will allow customers to quickly access directions to the nearest Kwik Chek location, reserve pumps, and schedule a car wash. With a cloud-based connection to the network, PetroZone further serves as a mobile loyalty program.

Kwik Chek will use the app to track purchase histories and collect relevant data to provide customers with personalized offers, real-time discounts, and points for additional rewards. Kwik Chek also hopes that this feature will bring many of the customers that only purchase fuel into the store.

“Today, as an industry average, approximately 70% of our fuel customers never come inside the store,” said Kevin Smartt, CEO of Kwik Chek.

“These offers are bringing more of them in, resulting in increased in-store sales from formerly fuel-only customers. It’s a big advantage for customers, too, who save money on things they’re likely to buy anyway.”

What’s more, PetroZone will also let consumers make cashless payments by simply scanning a smartphone. This does not only remove the need for consumers to swipe a debit and/or credit card, it also reduces transaction fees, which could potentially allow Kwik Chek to pass those savings on to consumers by reducing gas prices by as much as ten cents per gallon.

According to Daniel Gaddy, Kwik Chek Director of Information Technology, PetroZone will also bring added levels of security through encrypted authenticating software.

“When you have credit card information stolen, all sorts of damage can occur, from identity theft to charges online,” Gaddy said.

“With the PetroZone app, no card holder data is ever stored or transmitted to or from the phone; even if you lose your phone, there are ways to wipe that phone remotely. It’s a far more secure method of payment.”

After the initial integration with Kwik Chek, P97 hopes to launch its platform in another 5,000 locations across the country.

source: loyalty360.

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