In September 17 Apple just released the iOS8 that served more exciting features. These two change features will influence the users to interact with iBeacon.

First, it impacts the brands or products to have their apps easily discovered, and the second makes the costumers can manage a bunch of notifications that are exactly guided their position.

Easily Found the Lookscreen app

Apple develops app discoverability in iOS8 by showing app suggestions based on the location of a device. Even if those apps are not installed yet the costumer can use the App Store’s Near Me. Indeed, it is clear that when customers walk by the store or venue, the owners can suggest an app download on their smartphone homescreen.

Noticeably those apps are also shown when an installed app is in area of one of the beacons that app is activating to. If this happens, an app icon is shown in the lower left corner of the lock screen, and a user can open the app by swiping up the icon (similar to the camera icon on the lower right corner).

Furthermore, iOS8 introduces 3 permission options, allowing an app to use location: when in use (foreground), always (background), or when a user denies: no permission. Since beacons rely heavily on the background region detection, apps using iBeacon functionality will have to ask for the ‘always’ permission here.

To sum up, these new features in iBeacon improves the accessibility to customers while allowing them to control over their notifications.


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