Apple has just released an application called ibeacon, this is an application that will guide you when you are in the aera adjacent to the Apple store or often called the Apple Store.

If your Apple device users ipad, iPod Touch or iPhone that has been using the iOS operating system 7, then you can install this application iBeacon and when you walk in the middle of an area close to the Apple Store then you will be invited to enter and iBeacon will guide you to show the applications or any new devices being offered at the Apple Store. Not only that, this application will also notify you when an application is to be upgraded.

This may sound a little annoying, but we see that the technology used is quite interesting Apple, according to this app reportedly uses bluettoth as infrastructure where the latter, an other devices in the Apple store will send information on the user device. When in the store, under the table any products shown, each tool are provide information about device being displayed.

Now there are at least 254 Apple Store in the U.S. who have used the application, the service began to be used in stores since last December 6, 2013. This effort by Apple to compete with the biggest retail store where e-commerce stores have been known to brick and mortar concept and encourage users to buy goods online in the store

Applications iBeacon may sound a little annoying, but the Apple claim that this app only works in one direction, so do not worry there are personal data that could be taken.

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