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Apple Pay Will Get Along With iBeacon

Since its release in 2013, iBeacon is getting bigger and bigger. It already proved its quantity to enhance the company’s service by engaging their customers. iBeacon perfectly makes the customers feel better with the service by engaging them and update information and sending notification. iBeacon also helps a lot in marketing and advertising. It is said that iBeacon is the next generation of mobile advertising.

Marketing and Advertising with iBeacon can be done directly to the customers. This made retailers got over the top in selling because iBeacon promotes the product directly to the people who needs them. Not just random people who feel annoyed by advertising they got. In this case, iBeacon wins the smart advertising.

iBeacon, tiny device that transmits signal and send information to any smartphone, cannot work by itself. It needs to be connected with Backend as a Service (BaaS). BaaS will help you connect the app and the smartphone. The process will be easier with BaaS. All you need is set your iBeacon in BaaS and your app is ready to use.

By the growing of iBeacon in retails and marketing business, customers always want more. They want to get straight for order and service. Not just any pictures and offers they receive from smartphone. This inspired many retailers to put payment through iBeacon service. So that customers who received notification and information not just knowing that they have a special discount, but they also know that they can get it directly.

The location-based tech, which sends ads to shoppers’ smartphones, has also re-upped brands’ investments in mobile apps this year. According to Doug Rozen, chief innovation officer at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing, the push notifications that beacons send out are perceived more like advertising than brands realize. “Being triggered by inactivity, by location or by calendar, they are becoming viewed by consumers as ads more than marketers are treating them as such,” he said.

The needs of customers makes retailers improve the service of iBeacon. Customers are able to do payment through iBeacon because it can related to Apple Pay. Apple Pay will help customers who received iBeacon ads to do payment once they ordered. It will ease the customers to get their order as soon as possible. Cutting off customers’ time and making them shopping in easy way.

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