Google just announced the Android for BLE which enhance some features that will significantly boost support for iBeacon. This new version of Android is available as a developer preview called Android L.

The first feature of Android L will now be able to act in peripheral mode which means that a developer can program and Android to act as a iBeacon. The previous Android version 4.3 which already support BLE was lack of ability to act in peripheral mode. Now the latest Android L version able to work with beacon such as small retailer royalty programs that triggers a loyalty program app on the customer iOS or Android device. In addition, this huge implication now also allows people to do transaction such as payment and ticketing.

The second feature of Android L is the ability to filter while scanning for BLE advertiser. It allows the developers to duplicate effectively the battery efficiency as well as the iOS capabilities of CLBeaconRegion – a key attribute of iOS’s support for beacons. It means that Android devices will be able to scan efficiently in the background for beacons and show a notification or trigger something in an app when one matching a certain criteria is detected. Thus, this new Android capability will catch up with iOS.


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