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American Eagle Installed iBeacon and Created ShopBeacon

During the year of 2014, the use of geo-data, geo-fences, beacons, ultrasound, even LED lighting and magnetic positioning systems, have coalesced around geo-targeting consumers both outside and inside store locations. 2014 showed these tools more strongly embedded in digital ad campaigns than ever before. It has been growing better and better especially in mobile advertising.

American Eagle gave Shopkick’s iBeacon in-store marketing program a shot in October. The data revealed the percentage of Shopkick users visiting the fitting room more than doubled for those who received “shopBeacon” related messages versus those that didn’t. Shopkick has been aggressively signing up retailers like Macy’s for its shopBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy devices; the indoor tech provider had installed 7,500 shopBeacon devices live across 3,000 stores by the end of 2014.

“We were very excited about these results from Shopkick’s shopBeacon experiment,” said Joe Megibow, American Eagle Outfitters’ Chief Digital Officer in a statement, as the youth-focused clothing retailer plans to expand the technology in 2015. “American Eagle has always been one of the top innovators in retail, and were one of our launch partners,” said Shopkick CEO Cyriac Roeding. “So all of us are extremely pleased to be able to deliver these exciting results with our new shopBeacon technology. We are rolling out shopBeacon across America fast, and are building the largest Beacon network in retail.”

The app is called shopBeacon. When shoppers enter an American Eagle or Aerie store, shopBeacon shows them location-specific rewards, deals, discounts, and product recommendations, among other benefits. ShopBeacon is able to link at-home browsing behavior to deals in-store; if the customer “likes” a specific product online, shopBeacon can point out where that product is sold in-store. It can also deliver department-specific information, so that deals on denim show up at the best possible time. Case in point: When the customer is in the jeans department. The app also delivers rewards, in a currency called “kicks,” to consumers. A shopper may be rewarded kicks just for being inside a participating store, or they may get some for more demonstrative actions, like browsing, interacting with, and purchasing products.
“AEO has always been an early adopter of…technology, which is why we [decided to partner] with Shopkick once again, in order to provide our customers with the best mobile shopping experience available today,” said Joe Megibow, SVP, of Omni-Channel eCommerce at American Eagle Outfitters.
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