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Advantage of Using iBeacon BLE

Because the majority of smartphone users spend time indoors, so often they experienced problems regarding signal problem. Instead of getting a GPS signal, to signal assigned the status updates just to be probably still would be very difficult. So what is the solution? Apple calls it as beacons or iBeacons.

Literally, iBeacons can be described as a signal amplifier. Is not this already many products on the market? What makes it different from other similar products? Let us try to look at them one by one boss.

What it iBeacons? Boss, it turns out that not only iBeacons a signal amplifier. Take for example; You’re walking around in the area Starbucks to bring the iPhone. Through the Starbucks app that you downloaded earlier, Starbucks can transmit a variety of data by using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) from the store directly to your iPhone.

What data is transferred? These data vary from promotion, coupon, or mainstay menu also recommended to you. With iBeacons, you can also begin to directly order and pay without having to queue up first. WOW!

Very different from the concept described as a signal amplifier. Yes boss. Actually it is not different, but the concept of having more than just a signal booster. The producers worldwide franchise, or iBeacon anyone can utilize as a means of promotion. Think of it as a wifi hotspot which is always filled with gimmicks and advertising campaign if you log-in to use it. You can amplify the signal the iPhone, which many manufacturers will invade you with various promotions, but in a way that is more exclusive.

In addition, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can also be used to transfer data quickly without draining too much battery. In addition to shopping, using iBeacons, through BLE feature you can navigate yourself while in the indoor. Very useful when you are inside a large building such as an airport or a museum.

What is the difference iBeacon s with NFC? Basically, iBeacons has a range of more distant. If NFC (near-field communication) requires at least an 8-inch distance to perform the data transfer, then iBeacon able to do it in a range of up to 50 meters.

Apple did not stop developing new technology. This time not only iPhone users are spoiled, but also many great franchises. It may be that, in the future, your company can take advantage of iBeacon

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