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Ace Hardware Improves Geo-Marketing With Beacon

Geo-Marketing, one of most use marketing system for every business now featured with iBeacon technology. This has been trial in The Weather Company. This company improves their geo-marketing feature for their product since 2014. They also work with iBeacon. Tiny device that works with Bluetooth Low Energy send the campaign to their customers nearby. Their app also help them to track their traffic. iBeacon feature can do all of these thing simply. Microlocation and Analytics help the user to enhance the business’ service.

Among major publishers, none have embraced the possibilities of offering location ad targeting and mobile marketing quite as aggressively as The Weather Company, whose flagship, The Weather Channel, consistently runs campaigns directly tied to geo-marketing. After all, what’s more location-centric than the weather and the needs that change with local conditions? On behalf of long-time client Ace Hardware, TWC teamed with location analytics company Placed, the brand decided on what ads to run in certain hyperlocal areas based on data showing projected store visits, sales lifts, and the cost involved in attracting shoppers per-store visit. TWC and Ace Hardware reported that consumers exposed to the campaign on the publisher’s apps were 40 percent more likely to visit an Ace Hardware store — nearly 3x the average lift that Placed saw across all retail campaigns in Q4 2013.

The Weather Company now has the ability to show measurable traffic to brick and mortar stores linked back to ad campaigns that run across The Weather Channel mobile apps. This capability is made possible through a new partnership between The Weather Company and Placed, the leader in location-driven insights and mobile ad intelligence. The Weather Company is the first publisher to launch Placed Attribution, a real-world attribution solution for mobile advertising. Placed has built the world’s largest opt-in location-based panel, measuring over 150 million locations a day. By comparing consumers exposed to a campaign to those not exposed through Placed Attribution, The Weather Company is able to provide marketers with actionable data and insights from their mobile campaigns including projected store visits, lift, cost per store visit, and cost per incremental visit (lift). Additionally, these studies provide insights into geographic, demographic and correlated businesses associated with ad exposure.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing. And I totally agree with you. In today’s age of never-ending struggle to boost loyalty and enhance customer engagement, beacons provide businesses with a competitive edge to build more a personal relationship with their customers.And with beacons being reported to influence up to 7% of sales at US retail stores operated by the top 100 retailers in 2015, proximity marketing campaigns are all set to take hold. However, with many marketers being unaware of how to integrate beacons with their mobile strategy some of these beacon trials held over the previous year have been a disappointment. We’ve discussed a few proximity marketing campaign mistakes that marketers should watch out for here:

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