Getting updated of the technology and also the product of technology is such a fun idea for many people. That is especially for the people who are always interested in the development of technology nowadays. The gadget freaks are also often interested in those kinds of information. For sure, the development of technology is totally great and rapid. In the recent time, we also can enjoy a lot of new products with the recent technology. If you are always getting updated of the information regarding to the new technology, of course, you also have heard about the technology called iBeacon.

Sure, if you are an Apple enthusiast, it is not a strange thing at all because it is a technology which is announced by this giant company of gadgets in 2013. Many people have known about this since it is a new technology which will be totally useful for the operation of any fields of areas. Sure, many of us have known well about that and of course, the accessories and devices which might support the technology are something which is interesting for us. That is including about the Cubeacon which is great for supporting the users to use the technology.

For sure, if you are already known much about the technology of iBeacon, you will also want to know about Cubeacon. It is such a good device which might support you using this technology and makes everything simpler. The Cubeacon is the product of technology which is the Bluetooth technology of the ibeacon will provide the full advantages that all people need. Using the iBeacon technology which is also accompanied by using the Bluetooth low energy device will be a perfect thing. That is what Cubeacon offered. The simple and smooth use of the iBeacon can be obtained then. That is because Cubeacon provides the BLE or Bluetooth low energy which is built in on the device.

Then, another essential feature is that the Bluetooth can be used for about one year for each device only with one battery. It is such a great energy saving. Then, it can reach the range of about ten meters. That also has been integrated well with the “software as a service” or called SaaS. Another feature about this Cubeacon is that the device has a good body feature with its sticky back that enables you to attach it on various types of surfaces such like concrete, wood, or even glass surface.


tech update for news and application of ibeacon device and public relation for is one's of SDK and BackEnd as a Service for iBeacon solutions. Cubeacon create ibeacon special device include of software.


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