Most customers have been accustomed to both visiting stores in person and using their gadget to shop digitally. Both shopping behaviors can now be integrated by using Cubeacon, an iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy device that allows you and your customers to take advantages of digital shopping at your store.

This device is connected through Bluetooth to your customers’ gadgets, which have been equipped with your app. When such connection is established, you can communicate with your loyal customers digitally. You can greet them when they enter your store, show them special offers that special bonuses that are currently available for them, help them locate all items they are looking for, and send promotional and informational messages to them.

There are nine features that make Cubeacon a powerful iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy device.

  1.  It helps you streamline your campaign management. As explained above, Cubeacon helps you understand your customers’ needs and satisfy them. Customers’ satisfaction is an important aspect of a successful marketing campaign. By optimizing your iBeacon system, more and more customers will become loyal to you and your business will get better as time goes by.
  2. It tracks the location of your customers precisely. The device is smart enough to know when your customers enter your store, when they start observing your store, and when they are standing or walking next to particular items. This smart GPS function is advantageous because it helps the device decide the right messages to send to them when they are near particular items.
  3. It analyzes your customers. It records their previous purchases and it helps you decide the best offers to give to them.
  4. It is easy to control. If you are using multiple Cubeacon devices, you can control all of those devices easily by using a controlling device.
  5. It is easy to program. You don’t have to be a programmer in order to program it. Cubeacon can be programmed using simple app that is installed on your gadget.
  6. It stores data securely in the cloud. Cubeacon stores your customers’ data as well as yours. Although the storage space is a shared one, there is no limit for you to store your data. You can store them with no trouble no matter how large they are.
  7. It integrates iBeacon platform, API and SDK in your app. This integration is what makes Cubeacon management easy and simple.
  8. It provides versatile photo and brochure uploading tool. Your promotional and advertising activities will never be easier than they are now with such versatile uploading tool.
  9. It keeps your data safe and secured. The cloud server is protected with oAuth secure feature, giving you peace in mind when storing your data there.


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