Still remember how MLB adopted iBeacon technology in early 2014? Recently, Chinese Baseball Professional League team “Lamigo Monkeys” for the first iBeacon enabled campaign at the pro baseball stadium in Taiwan. The team strikes the first home-run introducing an innovative iBeacon application in Taiwan’s professional baseball stadium on 20 September and 5 October. The campaign, different from the iBeacon service in stadiums in the US, features gamified interaction with baseball fans on the scene, showing creativity and possibility empowered by iBeacon technology.

The annual event “Lamigo Party” took place on 5 October, bringing the first ever trans-reality game at the stadium empowered by iBeacon technology. Before the time limit was breached, participants have to find 6 life size LamiGirls standees attached with iBeacons to trigger different game play on their smartphones. The game went hot as the first 20 eager winners only took 15 minutes to finish all rounds and claimed the prize.

In addition to the trans-reality challenge, more surprise was found for the audience of the regular season games on both 20 September and 5 October. During the baseball game, several beach balls attached with iBeacons were sent to thousands of audience, and while the balls got tossed around the crowd, the audience received an e-lottery ticket on their smartphones. The lucky winners were excited to find the prize: a 3D-print doll of LamiGirls with built-in iBeacon, which enables the owner to view exclusive multi-media content about the cheerleaders they like. The doll, as the first product of such kinds in the market, is an original iBeacon application.

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