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6 Internet of Things Examples for Water

Smart living as a figure of future environment is right in front of us. By Internet of Things keeps leveraging and its implementation getting wider, people will get easy access to manage almost every single things around them. Machine to machine connection is not really hard anymore.

IoT implementation has been growing to create smart environment. Smart City will be future city that will have everything connected to a single device. Here is another examples of Internet of Things for Water:

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1. Water Leakage

Your tank could be leaked and you didn’t notice it until you ran out water in the morning. The dam near your hometown could be leaked and your family could be in danger. IoT could have saved your life by alerting you before it’s happening. Detection of liquid presence outside tanks and pressure variations along pipes will let you know if your tank is leaked or not.

2. Swimming Pool Remote Measurement

Huge swimming pool sometime is hard to manage. You have to clean it and check it hourly in order to keep it clean and healthy. Control remotely the swimming pool conditions using a single device. This will save up your time and you will be alert when you’ll need to clean your swimming pool.

3. Potable Water Monitoring

Water is an important thing for life. 80% human body is water. In which we have to consume approximately 2 Liters per day to keep us healthy. Imagine if water supply in a town  is dirty, you will lost hals of your life supply. Monitor your water is important. Monitor the quality of tap water in your town with single device could have saved your life.

4. Chemical Leakage Detection in Rivers

Since human body needs more water, it is important for our water to keep healthy. Our river could got chemical leakage and we don’t notice it. IoT sensor could detect your river is potable or not and alert you if it isn’t. Beside detect leakages, it can also detect wastes of factories in rivers.

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5. Pollution Levels in the Sea

Sea has millions of animals. If it’s ruined by chemical wastes and pollution, the animals and population could be in danger and extinct. Control realtime leakages and wastes in the sea since sea is another important things for our world.

6. River Floods

There are many cases where natural disaster is happening at night. When mostly half people is sleeping and not knowing what is going. Single device that will notify you about some natural disaster is something to look forward. With IoT, Monitoring of water level variations in rivers, dams and reservoirs to see you are in save area.

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