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6 Best Apps for Marketing with iBeacon Technology

Digital era has driven retail business push their marketing strategy into new level. Featuring with technology, retail business is now expanding their market to everyone by sending push notification and advertisement through digital marketing. Sending campaign to the smartphone is one of the way for retailers to grab customers and increasing sales. Recently, technology that is most used by retailers is iBeacon.

Digital marketing with iBeacon is helped because iBeacon feature can deliver campaign directly to customers by using Bluetooth signal. iBeacon transmits bluetooth signal and if a smartphone caught the signal it will deliver campaign, notification, or information. This is mostly used by marketers to create campaign in various designs. Featuring with iBeacon, many retailers have proved that their sales is increasing.

The secret how iBeacon can be such a worth for marketing is in the apps. iBeacon developers have created various amazing apps for people to integrate with. All it takes is only download the apps and set the beacon. Apps will automatically integrate beacon to the phone. This has been used by retailers to improve their customer engagement. These are most useful apps for retail store that integrates with iBeacon:

1. ShopKick


Shopkick, an American company based in Silicon Valley, created ShopKick for Macy’s customers to give customers rewards for walking into stores. iBeacon’s mobile-location based devices are placed within various areas of Macy’s store to deliver personalized discounts, product recommendations and rewards to Shopkick app users via their smartphones. Customers will receive general Macy’s promotions. Furthermore, the department store states it will able to offer more shopping discounts.

2. GameStop

gamestop ibeacon

GameStop, a video game and electronics retailer with thousands of locations in the US, as well as posts in Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, has built such an army of in-store tech and human touchpoints that it has, in a sense, reversed the showrooming equation. iBeacon that has installed at the GameStop will let the customers receive notification, browse the deals, watch trailers, look at game ratings and write reviews for the game. GameStop also going to augment their ability to research in the store and do that in ways that they as a company don’t offer anywhere but in that store right now. They want to reinforce those same reasons customers came into the store once they’re in the store.

3. Woolworths


Connected with Apple Watch, Woolworths apps allows shoppers to set up shopping lists by adding or scanning items in the pantry, sort lists by aisle number for a particular store, find opening hours and track specials in-store.  With Apple Watch, Australians may soon be able to use this feature in Woolworths soon, with a subtle hint coming from the Watch itself. The Watch is ultimately “mirroring what’s available in the iPhone app” and providing a “view port” for lists and information, meaning the iPhone itself is still needed to organize lists before your at the supermarket.

4. Kiosk

west edmonton mall using ibeacon

Kiosk is available in West Edmonton Malls. The apps, kiosk, enable you to do no more waiting behind someone else or awkwardly trying to squeeze in next to them to look for a store. The kiosk is wide enough to accommodate two guests, who can each conduct their own searches using the touch-screen display. Once they’ve identified the store they want, an app will provide them turn-by-turn navigation on their smartphone. If the store in question is offering a special sale or coupon, these can be distributed to mobile devices, too.

5. John Lewis


Developed by micro-location specialist LocalzJohn Lewis trials technology that will help shoppers avoid queues to pick up click & collect parcels. The system, uses smartphones to identify customers’ exact location. Also automatically triggering a customer’s click & collect order to be picked up as they enter a shop or a carpark. It can also help them navigate their way around a store based on their own online shopping wish list. The project uses iBeacon around the exterior of the store, activated when customers with the new app in their smartphone are 70 metres away.

6. ShopBeacon

When shoppers enter an American Eagle or Aerie store, shopBeacon shows them location-specific rewards, deals, discounts, and product recommendations, among other benefits. ShopBeacon is able to link at-home browsing behavior to deals in-store; if the customer “likes” a specific product online, shopBeacon can point out where that product is sold in-store. It can also deliver department-specific information, so that deals on denim show up at the best possible time. Case in point: When the customer is in the jeans department. The app also delivers rewards, in a currency called “kicks,” to consumers. A shopper may be rewarded kicks just for being inside a participating store, or they may get some for more demonstrative actions, like browsing, interacting with, and purchasing products.


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