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5 Use Cases of Internet of Things for Elderly People

Previously, I wrote about Internet of Things for Elderly Population.

From that article, we knew that there are many companies targetting 50+ market. Some companies have targeted them in the beginning and some others just found out that their product also meant for 50+ people.

So what can Internet of Things do for elderly people? Here are 5 use cases of IoT for Elderly People.

1. Helping Hearing Aids

Most similar problem in the 50+ age is hearing problem. This problem makes elderly population can’t pay attention to what people said and it’s hard for the to understand a conversation. To solve this problem, Internet of Things can be one of the solutions. For example is BioAid, a company builds hearing aid with smartphone and internet connection.

2. Light Up a Home in Easy Way

Some startup doesn’t realize that at some point their target market is 50+. Everlight, a startup that provides permanent smartphone-enabled Christmas lights didn’t realize their target market is for senior. Most of people backing up their campaign is in 50+. Everlight basically helps home owner to light up their home without having the urge to climb up ladders to their roof.

3. Security

If you don’t live with your parent anymore, you will be worried about the fact that either they are getting old or leaving alone. Both are scary. We can’t get away with this but we surely can maintain this. With security camera and an apps, you can make sure that your parents are alright at home.

4. Photo Album

That moment when we caught a very special occasion and want to share with your parents or grandmothers, Chatbooks probably can help. Mostly because some seniors can’t really use an apps or mobile phones. Chatbooks will print our your best memories and mail it. It’s easy way to keep up with your parents.

5. Emergency Situation

Emergency situation could happen anytime, even when we’re not at home. Elderly people who live alone will likely in serious danger if there’s no action for emergency situation. Halo Smart Labs is one of startup that is developing a CO2 detector and smoke alarm that will directly contact the police and fire departments when triggered. It helps people in an emergency situation and good thing is it directly contacts the police and fire department.

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