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5 Use Cases of iBeacon for Smart Home

Interconnected things is not impossible. Even in our home. With so many brands releasing their smart home product, people are interested in joining in to give a shot.

If you notice, smart home is not always about expensive and tech-expert product. You can simply build them with BLE. A simple device which has BLE is iBeacon. I wrote about iBeacon implementation at public transportation which basically can also be implemented in a home basis.


Here are 5 use cases of iBeacon for smart home:

1. Alarm

As a device that keeps transmitting signal, iBeacon can deliver push notification to family member’s smartphone. When an alarm is not enough, pop up notification could cheer them up everyday.

2. Event Reminder

Reminding family member’s about family event in a better way. Setting the schedule so they can keep updated. It’s like a note that you usually left on the fridge, but this one in an interactive way.

3. Tracker

Beacon is not all about push notification. Put the device whenever you want and see it from your smartphone. If you lost your keys, you can simply track it from smartphone.

4. Digital Note

Leaving notes at home made easy. With user friendly backend management of iBeacon device, you can pop up your note to family member’s smartphone an

5. Managing Home Goods

Keep updated about your home goods with iBeacon. It will send you push notification to your smartphone about which product runs out so you can run to the grocery store and grab them fast.

The features of iBeacon can be found in Cubeacon. We are providing beacon hardware and the Backend too. Our Backend is user friendly so you can manage your content to deliver by yourself. We also give analytic to see which area is visited most, that way you can see what are you passengers interest.

Check out Cubeacon and trial our backend feature for free!

About Girly Saputri

Girly is a Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. She is also a copy writer and likes cheeseburger. She writes about iBeacon and its implementation. You can find her on LinkedIn as GirlySaputri.

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