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5 Use Cases of iBeacon for Public Transportation

We know that iBeacon is made for contextual mobile advertising. In this case, it will be suitable for retail stores or cafe to deliver discount and promo. With Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon transmits Bluetooth signal and any smartphone who has a specific apps will receive a push notification from the beacon.

It is an effective way to engage customers and to keep them updated about everything in your store. Contextual Mobile Advertising is also an interesting way to make customers feel special and entertained so they keep coming back.


This push notification feature is also useful for anything that require announcement. For example is in public transportation. Here are 5 use cases of iBeacon for Public Transportation.

1. Announcement

It’s often happening in a bus or subway that people are talking or making noises and then you miss some important announcement. iBeacon is changing the way announcement in public transportation. With almost everyone having smartphone on their pocket, it is likely easier to make them notified through their smartphone.

2. Advertising

It is also an opportunity for brands to advertise their product. Push notification advertisement directly into a smartphone to engage potential market is easy with iBeacon.

3. Tour Guide

A personal digital tour companion? Why not! iBeacon could be the best one. It’s delivering every notifications to passengers and send updates about the places they visit. It’s also an interesting¬†way to visit new place with iBeacon in public transportation.

4. Buying Ticket

Connected with digital payment, iBeacon will be helping passenger buy ticket for their trip. Especially for tourist and if the ticketing machine is full or broken. iBeacon is connected with eWallet and all you need to carry is your smartphone.

5. Checking Schedule

Need a quick updated schedules? iBeacon can help. By setting up the schedule, passenger can set the schedule from their smartphone. Beacon which is working with Bluetooth help passengers save their smartphone battery longer.

The features of iBeacon can be found in Cubeacon. We are providing beacon hardware and the Backend too. Our Backend is user friendly so you can manage your content to deliver by yourself. We also give analytic to see which area is visited most, that way you can see what are you passengers interest.

Check out Cubeacon and trial our backend feature for free!

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Girly is a Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. She is also a copy writer and likes cheeseburger. She writes about iBeacon and its implementation. You can find her on LinkedIn as GirlySaputri.

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