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5 Trends for Mobile in Modern Business

There is expected to be a push for businesses to employ mobile tech that will allow employees to pull up company information in real-time in an effort to make it simpler to collaborate on projects and move away from endless post-meeting email chain updates.

Also anticipate more mobile apps from businesses designed to be used around special events throughout the year, for everything from Mother’s Day to March Madness. Take a look to these 5 mobile trends in modern business based on Nina Zipkin:

1. Ultra-personalization in mobile marketing

Business will capture a user’s context to create better results for marketing campaigns by ensuring that every customer, worker, and supplier is hyper-productive and engaged. By putting emphasis on acquiring quality users who will use the app multiple times, business will ensure that the mobility applications and marketing meets their performance goals.

2. Building mobile consortiums to put “customers first”

Organization are turning the idea of “our business app” on its head by making it instead “the customer app.” Third-party providers will offer collaboration with other business to ensure that customers are more efficient in their day-to-day lives while incorporating mobile moments.

3. Brick and mortar discovers the power of geography

Interior GPS tracking will gain traction and sophistication to the point that retailers will be able to help customers with information to facilitate a buying decision. This will also help retailers prioritize stocking procedures to maintain shelves in aisles most traveled by customers.

4. Business intelligence through mobile channels

Business intelligence will soon deliver real time information to any device and screen size exactly when a user needs it. More social features will invade traditional business intelligence software, with collaboration occurring within the business intelligence application rather than through emails and meetings.

5. Creating mobile moments

Mobile moments occur when organizations enhance interactions with customers through the use of mobile apps by leveraging a customer’s immediate context. Expect companies to make shifts in processes, development, and platforms in order to collaborate on creating special apps tailored to moments in time such as major sporting events, holidays, travel and more.

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