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5 Reasons To Start Implementing iBeacon or Your Business Will Be Nope

Didn’t mean to be rude, but yes the title was little bit intimidating. Especially for business people that owns huge stores or any business owners in the world. As the world keeps growing, the step to get your business to the next level needs to be upgraded too. Now iBeacon, as a tiny device that transmits signal and help many business grow in marketing, is proven to build the growth of many businesses in the world. Undoubtedly, iBeacon will conquer technology in many business.

If you are still considering to install iBeacon or you are about to install iBeacon but still wondering will it affect to your business, I will give you 5 hints of why you should installing iBeacon or your business will end up as the so-last-year business.

1. Your best marketing buddies!

Now that’s the main thing.

Business needs market. By marketing it will be done perfectly. But not just blah blah blah advertising or some super giant pictures of your product in town (sounds creepy). No, iBeacon can do even better. This technology can send advertising directly to your customers. Yes it works like mobile advertising, but it is not sending to random people.

The phrase “everyone is a possible customers” is not working now (sorry, I am not quite sure with something that is still “possible”). What is working now? iBeacon. Sending ads to random people will likely get them upset. iBeacon will send your advertising when someone is nearby your store. You can set the range, of course. By doing this, they will get notification about your ads and they will come to your store.

2. Your customers’ bestfriend.

Live up your store with iBeacon.

Once your customer is entering the store, greet them. iBeacon will get their smartphone’s signal and send greeting to their smartphone. Not just a greeting, help them find what they want. Give them map and notify them if they are close to what they need. You can also send some discount, offers, and many more. You can also send farewell to them while they are leaving.

3. Understand your store and customers.

Analytics features.

iBeacon can help you analyze your customers and store. You can see which spot is visited most or which product is sold out faster. By knowing this, you can enhance your store and product. You can understand what kind of product is customers want most. By this means you can manage your business in more detail and your customers can still getting more in love with your product.

4. Quicker than the brown fox that jumped over the lazy dog.

Have you seen our videos about iBeacon implementation in airport and restaurant?

There, there… No need that jaw dropped expression. That is one of many things iBeacon can do. It is also implemented in many places. Even a park, museum, train station, and hospital.

Imagine having your food served by clicking your phone, paying your parking fee without touching the parking meter, or ordering ticket from smartphone. I know it sounded usual but iBeacon is working with Bluetooth Low Energy. So if you lost your signal, you only need bluetooth to get directly to what you want.

5. Easy to set.

Now after you know the use of iBeacon, You might be wondering how to start implement it.

iBeacon can be set in Backend as a Service (BaaS). BaaS with many features can help your beacon has various kind of notification and information. It is not really hard setting for iBeacon. BaaS will help iBeacon integrates with smartphone well.

Now I hope you understand why I am using that title. The growth of iBeacon in business has been one of hugest step of internet of things. It helps every business in engaging customers and increasing in-store experience.

Interested in installing iBeacon? Visit www.cubeacon.com for more information. iBeacon is a one stop solution for iBeacon developer. We provide iBeacon hardware and Backend as a Service. Our hardware is designed simply to be put everywhere and our BaaS has many features such as image, text, HTML template, URL link, and you can schedule your campaign. Cubeacon will serve you with low cost and high quality service.

About Girly Saputri

Girly is a Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. She is also a copy writer and likes cheeseburger. She writes about iBeacon and its implementation. You can find her on LinkedIn as GirlySaputri.

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