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5 Reasons to Join Internet of Things Business

The so-called IoT (Internet of Things) today has been the most popular sector in technology. This technology also becomes most researched technology this year. Many tech giants such as IBM, Apple, and Google has invested into this technology to develop more and more IoT devices.

If you haven’t realized yet why IoT can be such popular idol in technology, here are 5 reasons to turn you into IoT Geek:

Image of two young businessmen using touchpad at meeting
Image of two young businessmen using touchpad at meeting

1. Connecting you to whatever.

Basically, IoT is about connecting offline to online. So whatever you normally do offline, with IoT, they will be online. There are, of course, so many sectors in IoT such as Home Automation, digital payment, smart airport, smart office, etc. Turning those sectors into smart environment with IoT devices won’t be hard for tech giants. Turning on the coffee maker in the morning from your bed room through an apps surely won’t hurt. With all these eases, who doesn’t want to try.

2. Easy market penetration.

Believe it or not, IoT market is 75% ready. The easiest way to connect with IoT environment is through a mobile apps. With 80% of world population has already been using smartphone, downloading an apps and connected to everything won’t be hard. Everyone is using a smartphone today and they are ready to embrace IoT around them.

3. Big business.

There are so many proof to say that IoT business is gonna be a big business. When it says big, it means really “BIG”. With almost all tech giants joining into this business, It is gonna be easy to make their users turn their smartphone into IoT devices. Since their products have been used by billion people in the world, spreading smart environment won’t be hard.

4. Big money

Let’s not being naive but with technology, it helps a lot of people and of course gives them more money. Let’s say for every apps cost $1,  but there are 10 million people access it in a day. That’s enough to build a castle.

5. Big data.

With billion people downloading apps, login, using the device, or anything related to IoT, it will be easier to build smart environment with IoT. The device is already in their hand, next step is rest for the developers.

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