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5 Internet of Things Example for Smart Environment

Our hectic environment seems to be something we less concern on. The more population grow, the less we take a look on our environment. Surrounded by busy people minding their own business without knowing that we are standing so close to fire or landslide by us.

Adding technology around us is not something to regret. In fact, it could have saved your life. These days, Internet of Things is added to one of future concept that turns every single things around us connected to Internet. Then we can manage them simply from our smartphone.

The development of Internet of Things is going from smart home to smart environment. The benefit itself has been proven to ease our living. Here are some examples of Internet of Things in Smart Environment:

1. Air Pollution

We live in a modern world where almost everything can be done with chemical reaction. We don’t realize that chemical reaction has been giving us effect that probably slowly killing ourselves in the air. Pollution is getting high as affect of chemical around us. How many times do you realize that you have breathe in CO2 this day? With IoT control CO2 emissions of factories, pollution emitted by cars and toxic gases generated in farms around you and you can keeps your lungs save.

2. Landslide and Avalanche Prevention

Who knows the ground you step on will be fall? IoT might cannot help you to survive but it can warn you that the ground you step on is about to fall. At least you are save by avoiding landslide area that is detected from your smartphone.


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3. Forest Fire Detection

Forest as the World’s lungs. Their trees release Oxygen for us to breathe every second. If they burn, what will we breathe? Quick response is what we need most if our world’s lungs are burnt. To put it down a fire is not something easy. We have to find the source and evacuate the area in which will be longer time to put down the fire. IoT will be monitoring combustion gases and preemptive fire conditions to define alert zones. I which can save world’s lungs faster.

4. Earthquake Early Detection

Earthquake could happen anytime and anywhere. IoT could saved million lives by Early detection of Earthquake. Distributed control in specific places of tremors and warn people there is Earthquake coming is the best way to prevent victim.

5. Snow Level Monitoring

Snow could be dangerous too. Waking up in the morning surprised that your porch is covered with 1 meter snow is not something you want to. IoT for Snow level measurement to know in real time the quality of ski tracks and allow security corps avalanche prevention. With its easy manage through a single device.

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