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5 iBeacon Solution for Your Store

iBeacon technology is named as a huge leap in this digital era.  It is also called as one of Internet of Things devices that will be most useful in the future. Since Apple launched it on 2013, many company tried to breakdown this technology to understand how is it going.

Retailers have used this technology to build their customer experience and marketers is using this technology to increase their sales by contextual mobile advertising.

With many of retailers have joined this technology to improve their sales, here are list of iBeacon solution for your store:

1. Store Promotion


Retailers can attract their customers into their store by sending them special promos. This has been done by Woolworths for their customer. Giving a special shopping experience is one of best iBeacon solutions. Customer loves promo and the store loves customers that are keep coming back.

2. Discounts


Another best iBeacon solution for your store is offering customers special discount. Great thing about iBeacon is, it delivers the discount directly to the customers’ smartphone. This previously has been done in McDonald. They are increasing their sales up to 40%.

3. Indoor Location

shopping app

Sometime internet in a building is suck. Another problem is sometime customer couldn’t find the thing they wanted to buy and just headed back at home. Apparently, this can be another iBeacon solution for your store because it gives you indoor location mapping. Lead the customer through the store to find what they want with iBeacon.

4. Customer Loyalty

american eagle outfitters ibeacon

One of best iBeacon solution for retail is of course their customer loyalty. Most retailers use this to make their customers keep coming back. Retailers like American Eagle use this solution to give their customer another perfect shopping time.

5. Different Shopping Experience


Well literally, this iBeacon solution is not only in retail but also in every public places like museum. Different experience that is given from retailers is making the customers coming back and shop again. Store like Macy built this different shopping experience for their customers too.

This iBeacon solution for your store is gonna be huge. In fact they already exist in this retail store.

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Girly is a Content Marketing at Eyro Digital Teknologi, Ltd. She is also a copy writer and likes cheeseburger. She writes about iBeacon and its implementation. You can find her on LinkedIn as GirlySaputri.

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