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3 iBeacon Micro Location Apps

iBeacon is not so new kids on the block now. It is known with its worthy in transmitting Bluetooth signal and delivering campaign. This feature is mostly used in retail business to help them increasing sales and engaging customers. With iBeacon, push notification will be lead to the new level where engaging customers is easy to be done. iBeacon has been trusted by business to deliver campaign and offers.

iBeacon’s feature is not only for push notification and delivering campaign. Its features can turn iBeacon into micro location apps. iBeacon microlocation feature can track your location wherever you are. Another advantages of iBeacon technology is that iBeacon requires Bluetooth signal. User doesn’t have to be worried of losing signal since then.

There have been many retail business deploying iBeacon these days. Here are example of iBeacon micro location apps in retails:

1. John Lewis


Developed by micro-location specialist Localz, John Lewis trials iBeacon technology that will help shoppers avoid queues to pick up click & collect parcels. The system, uses smartphones to identify customers’ exact location. Also automatically triggering a customer’s click & collect order to be picked up as they enter a shop or a carpark. It can also help them navigate their way around a store based on their own online shopping wish list.

2. ShopKick


The ShopBeacon program involves the integration of iBeacon’s technology with the Shopkick appiBeacon’s mobile-location based devices are placed within various areas of the department store to deliver personalized discounts, product recommendations and rewards to Shopkick app users via their smartphones. Customers will receive general Macy’s promotions once the program has been activated shortly by early Fall. Furthermore, the department store states it will able to offer more shopping discounts.

3. Kiosk


The apps, kiosk, enable you to do no more waiting behind someone else or awkwardly trying to squeeze in next to them to look for a store. The kiosk is wide enough to accommodate two guests, who can each conduct their own searches using the touch-screen display. Once they’ve identified the store they want, an app will provide them turn-by-turn navigation on their smartphone. If the store in question is offering a special sale or coupon, these can be distributed to mobile devices, too. The kiosks also support near-field communication (NFC) and QR codes, which mean other kinds of digital interactions can be integrated into the experience.

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